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Contact: Linwood Helfand

Telephone: 1-800-726-8073



Linwood Helfand, President and CEO of Prism Medical, will be representing the industrial category, on November 17 at the Pinellas County Economic Development conference for Tampa Bay area business leaders.Mr. Helfand is steadfastly devoted to customer service and was chosen to speak to key business executives regarding the importance of customer service and creating long-time, satisfied clients.

Prism Medical is a 23-year old company specializing in manufacturing scrubs and corporate wear.Their national footprint ranges from coast to coast, and their customers not only enjoy the brushed comfort of Prism’s scrubs, but rave about their first-rate service and turnaround time.

In the words of Richard Bundy, President/CEO of Genesis Career Group, ”Prism Medical exceeds our expectations in the areas that matter most: quality of product, pricing, and customer service. They deliver what they promise while beating the nearest competitor’s pricing by 35%. Students love the quality, our campus directors love the implementation, and I love the pricing. I hope our relationship with Prism is a long one.”

This customer service commitment does not stop with Mr. Helfand, but is a core value for ALL employees on the Prism team. “Thank you so much!You are such a great person and work for a great company, and we appreciate everything you do for us,” says Philip Mayo, North Atlantic Division leader for Premier Education Group, to his Prism Medical sales associate.

Mr. Helfand was also recognized earlier this year as an expert in the field of medical and career apparel, being featured in Counselor Magazine’s August 2011 issue.Besides creating a great product, the customers’ needs are at the forefront, Helfand explains.He stresses in the article that we need to understand our customers’ needs so that we can provide the right person with the right product. The publication is one that focuses on distributorships, and so within the article Mr. Helfand shares his marketing savvy and tips for growing business.

If you’d like more information about these topics, or to schedule a call with Linwood Helfand, please call the Prism team at 800-726-8073 or send an email to

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