We our customers!


"Very positive experience. Had to exchange for a smaller size, and that was quick, easy and painless. Would definitely order from here again."

Amazon.com customer




"...Perfect. Thank you so much for your time & help. I greatly appreciate it..."

Epris Pellam




"Thanks so much for this, I really appreciate all of your hard work."

Taylor Pelsis, Accreditation & Compliance / PEG Schools



"Nick saved the day! Thanks everyone! :) "

Haroula Tsolakidis, Director of Education



"It has been a pleasure working with their sales and delivery team always on time with a GREAT product."

Denny Kollmeyer, Owner and President of Denny Kollmeyer Products / ASI customer




"SARA!!!! I heard you are back!!! Whoot Whoot Whoot. I am so glad!!!! We had a meeting Friday....I told all the DOE's how wonderful you are!!!! I have missed you so much!! It was and is horrible at the other place. Horrible I tell you. !!!!!"

Suzanne Bitters-Woods, Director of Education




"They really lived up to their reputation. They have been responsive to requests and always willing to work with us. The medical kits and uniforms supplied coupled with excellent service have really turned around what had been a nagging problem area. We have been pleased with the transition and products that they have supplied."

Jonda Brinner, Director of Administrative Operations / Galen College of Nursing




"It has truly been a pleasure to work with Prism for student and faculty uniform needs. The customer service, support, and products are excellent."

Stella Coker, Support + Resource Center Manager / Rasmussen College




"Prism Medical exceeds our expectations in the areas that matter most: quality of product, pricing, and customer service. They deliver what they promise while beating the nearest competitor's pricing by 35%. Students love the quality, our campus directors love the implementation, and I love the pricing. I hope our relationship with Prism is a long one."

Richard Bundy, President & CEO / Genesis Career Group




"Thank you so much! You are such a great person and work for a great company, and we appreciate everything you do for us."

Philip Mayo, North Atlantic Division Leader




"Thank you! You are the best!"

Shannon Army, Director of Education




"First off, thank you for getting those scrubs to us; the student is still grinning...You are the greatest!"

Ann / Genesis Career Group




"You are a pleasure to work with. You make my day easier."

Google User




"You guys are great. Our students look so sharp in their scrubs. We just love the new stethoscopes."

Bonnie Jacobs, Bursar




"Prism has very good accuracy with the orders they fill for us. Given that they are providing for multiple campuses at our college, this is the best track record we've experienced. They always stand behind their products. This is a first rate company."

Bill Stanford, Bookstore Manager




"We really didn't think we would be switching suppliers when Sara called us. We are glad we did. The level of customer service is so refreshing compared to what we were experiencing. We save money...we've been able to buy a lot of what we were buying from many vendors from just one vendor now."

Jillian Greene, Business Manager